The Rings



The rings

A clearly distinguishable sign of love amongst the married persons are the rings. They are a crucial accessory in a wedding and worth some thoughts.

One of the most romantic moments in live is the exchange of the rings.

The wedding ring is a symbol of loyalty and durability of love and an endlessness of the devotion to one-another.

A ring has no beginning and no end and of such consistency shall be the love between the engaged couple.

The materials for the rings are as different as the treatment. Rings symbolizing friendship are often made of silver and the ones for marriage are either gold or any kind of platinum.

A pure diamond is often given for engagement. It is possible to wear the engagement ring on the left hand and then place it on the right hand after the marriage. This way you can save some money.

You should go to jewellery shops to choose a ring but take your sweet time to have a look at all the different collections. There are so many nice rings suitable as wedding ring, do not rush! Please have also in mind that you might have to plan time for an engraving.


Gold: 750/000 (18 carat), 585/000 (14 carat), 375/000 (9 carat), 333/000 (8 carat)

Adding palladium results in the wonderful white gold, adding copper results in red gold and for yellow gold you have to add copper and silver. Only the platinum is an entirely pure material used for rings.

As a wedding ring is worn always at all times, gold 333/000 might be not so good. But that is our opinion.




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