The registrars office



The registrar’s office

The most important juridical moments of the wedding are taking place at the registrar’s office.

To be married at the registrar’s office you need the following documents:

● Certificate of nationality

● Certificate of civil status (origin and birth documents or certified copy of the family book of both partners)

  • ● Residence attestation of the registry office
  • ● Perhaps witnesses of marriage with legal personal ID card
  • In earlier times the registration for marriage was called “the asking“. Now it is not, however, pronounced like a big event at the registrar’s office anymore and thus you can marry within a few weeks, depending on the size of the registrar’s office. You have to go together with the needed documents at least six month earlier than your desired date to the registrar’s office and ask for an appointment.

The ceremony itself takes less than a quarter of an hour, normally. If you do not want a churchly marriage you can arrange with the registrar to say some nice words. The traditional exchange of rings and the kiss with a nice musical background should be possible, too.

Nevertheless you should dismiss throwing rice as this costs money (cleaning). Otherwise you will have to ask guests to clean.




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