Survey costs



Survey of the costs and planning the budget

We tried to collect all the possible cost positions that might be suitable. Of course there will be some costs that will not fit your case or others that will have to be added. For example if a friend is making music, you do not have to pay a DJ. Another thing that has to be clear: This survey is only a guideline. There is no way of stating the costs right in advance but for an approximate estimation this guideline is needed.

Nevertheless, you will want to know what will be coming or what costs are to be paid for your nicest and greatest celebration (possibly).

Previous to the wedding


Engagement party


Stag night


Eve-of-wedding party




Wedding couple




Hair dresser’s and make-up


Bride’s dress and wedding suit


Shoes and stocking


Accessoires (tie, veil, hair)


The flower spreading children’s dresses




The wedding celebration


Decoration of the saloon


Evening meal per person


Coffee and cakes


Champagne reception


Drinks in general


Photographer and video filmer






Flowers and Printings


Bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids


Flowers (to spread), Flowers for car and church


Table decoration


Invitation cards and thank-you-cards




Booklet with church program


Placing cards and menu




Fees and other


Rent for wedding limousine or carriage


Transport of guests and accomodation


Registrar’s office


Churchly costs and fees


Form from embassy (international wedding)


Costs of marriage contract



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