Proposal of marriage:

The proposal of marriage is a historical event on its own and can be seen as an upbeat of a negotiation concerning a contract. In this context the contract is, of course, the wedding. The following engagement after the proposal has had the deeper reason of financial and lawful agreements among the future married couple while witnesses were present.

The saying „to ask her hand in marriage“ has its origin in the convention to seal an engagement by handshake. This handshake took place between the father of the bride and the groom.

The engagement was announced in former times from the pulpit of a church. From this place the wedding couple would then „clatter“, which led to the term of „clattering evening“ in Germany, known to the rest of the world as the eve-of-the-wedding party.

A proposal of marriage can be yelled out to the world in full volume or it can be made quietly and neatly between the two future married people.

A lot of proposal candidates, mostly they are still male, do not think about money or work and want to create something special, funny, exclusive or surprising, something that is worth to be remembered over the following years.

On the following pages we have collected a few ideas for a proposal of marriage:

● a banner fixed to a plane with the proposal written on it or even fixed to a hot air balloon

● a proposal at a very exceptional place, a castle, light house, the Kölner Dom, the London Eye, the Empire State Building, or on a plane, under water or in a cinema (of course this cinema would be hired only for the wedding couple), on a ship during a cruise, on vacation or in a romantic hotel on the weekend.

● What do you think of a surprise in the manner of a package sent by UPS filled with rice, one-cent-coins for the shoes of the bride, a picture of the wedding church or the registrar’s office and a pair of Ken and Barbie dressed as wedding couple?

● a flower with its petals counted in advance, so that the counting out rhyme „she loves me, she doesn’t, …” will end advantageous for the proposing person

● a bed sheet with love vows fixed over the door entrance of the beloved future wife

● Very classical but still effective: An advertisement on radio or in the newspaper

● or a very creative internet page with a special content and nice pictures


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