Picture or Films



Pictures or films

To remember the ceremony and the whole celebration it is necessary to make them memorable moments. This can happen with pictures or a nice made film.

Depending on how you feel and what your budget is like, you can have a photographer being a friend or related person or you can have a professional.

Addresses of professional photographers can be found on the internet or the trade directory. Please be aware that there is some more work on such occasions to be done. Thus, you need to know who can do that and search early enough. Of course, a technical photographer can not possibly produce nice wedding pictures.

It might be nice to have single pictures of the wedding couple, one previously to the celebration in a studio, in the garden of the photographer or of the wedding couple, and one afterwards in a nice park or other place. These pictures can also be used for thank-you cards later.

If you do not want to involve a professional, there are enough hobby photographers who have digital cameras and you can have a look at the picture right afterwards to make sure it is as you imagined it.

You can place one-way cameras on the tables so that the guests can take creative snapshots.

You have to remember to take a group picture. That has to be planned quite accurately. If there are children involved you have to plan enough time and there has to be a clear positioning of everyone and a suitable background. It might be best to test if the locality for the picture suffices and the overall picture will be well-balanced.




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