Music or Dance



Music and dance

A wedding celebration is a wonderful occasion to dance again. The traditional dances like the waltz are often forgotten so that the engaged couple has to take a dancing course previously. There the dances are learned in a short time version.

Of course you can substitute the waltz with modern dances but we would propose to have the waltz because of the tradition. Even if you might like other music at home, the feeling of tradition on a wedding is always very intense.

A special emphasis has to be laid on the wedding waltz:

Here, the guests circle the wedding couple. The first dances have to be performed by the couple, afterwards the bride dances with her father and the groom dances with his mother. Then they change and the groom dances with the bride’s mother and the bride with the groom’s father. Finally, everyone can dance, sometimes the witnesses of marriage take an own turn, but that is left for the bride and groom to decide.

No matter if the music is life or play-back or if there is a professional DJ, this depends on the amount of money available and the kind of celebration the couple wants to have. People to ask for organization can be found on the internet or in the directories.

If someone is really not able to dance and of course does not want to stand at the bar the whole evening, there are ways to learn dancing! Just visit a course at a dancing school and do a “wedding crash course”.




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