Money Planning



Money planning

Not everyone is able to make his dream wedding happen in the way he wants to. Sometimes the wallet does not meet the expectations that would fulfil the wishes and ideas of how the perfect celebration has to be organized. 

  • To prevent surprises of the not wanted kind we have provided a money planner on this internet page for you. This planner tries to consider most of the posts but it does not claim to be complete.
  • In our opinion, for a first compendium it is necessary to list all persons that should be invited. It is still possible to dismiss or add persons after having informed yourself about all basic costs.
  • You can set up a pre-screening of the held celebrations. There can be a garden party, a champagne reception, a barbecue instead of an eve-of-wedding party, and so on. This might be cheaper to organize for neighbours or others separately instead of inviting them all to the wedding party. By stating this pre-screening you have the possibility to distribute and calculate your budget detailed.
  • The tradition was to let the bride’s father pay all celebrations on the wedding day. This is not always the case in today’s life and sometimes the bride’s father is not present anymore or he has no money. To let the party be well organized without showing that there is not as much money as somewhere else, there are ways and possibilities of disguising.
  • Just save your money early enough for the celebration of all days. If you have enough time to plan you have more possibilities for the choice of place, meal, activities and everything else.

    Take your time with the search of a suitable locality and do not accept the first offer as the best.

    If you celebrate your wedding in church and another couple is to be married on the same day, you might be able to organize a sharing of flower decoration or music played by the organist.




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