Locality and service


Concerning the question of a suitable locality at home or outwards, with buffet or catering, even with the choice of season because of a possible celebration in the own garden, one thing is easy to be answered:

A wedding or an engagement celebration has to be situated in a place that makes the future married couple feel good and comfortable. Additionally the guests should be well able to reach it.


Where should be celebrated?

Celebrate at home?

If the weather is good and you have a wonderful garden which can hold all the guests, it might be great to celebrate there. Or even at home inside if the number of guests stays small. An advantage is of course, that the ambience can be set up just as you like it. A problem might be that a big part of the festive pre-arrangements has to be done in your own time and instruction and thus the romance might be left behind. You can prevent this by asking good friends of yours to help or settle yourself in a nice hotel for the time of pre-arrangement.

A last point to be thought of in this alternative is the planning of budget as naturally the financial need is less than it would be with a celebration held outwards.

Celebration outwards

At first you could ask in your favourite restaurant if there are celebrations possible and if there is a suitable saloon. In every case you should have a personal look at the localities as you should be convinced by the ambience.

You could also make a list with alternatives to suit every possible number of guests and availability of localities, in case your first choice should not be realizable.

Perhaps your favourite restaurant might have a neighbouring or even included hotel in which the guests from somewhere farer away can stay. This way, they do not have to fear to lose their driver’s licence in case of somewhat harder celebrations or if their way home might be too long they do not have to leave the festivity too early.

There are great ways to find addresses in the internet concerning this topic. Everywhere you can get books listing hotels and restaurants or you can search on pages of cities in directories of hotels.

  • It would be nice in this context if there was a room suitable for the elder of the guests or for the kids. Perhaps there could be a playground or a corner for children plays with a possibility to rest.
  • Great is also, if you can use a terrace or a garden near the saloon, for example for a little champagne reception or just for resting opportunities or the smokers.

    Really important is to have enough room for a playing band and for the dancing people. A wedding often is place for people performing dancing, plays and a thing that is not to be missed – the wedding waltz of the married couple, the best man and witnesses of marriage, the parents of bride and groom and the guests.

  • If the wedding takes place in the evening you could offer the guests from outwards a nice café to bide their time between the festivities. And you have to think of the hotel setting up an ending time, which could be possible, and then would ruin the celebration.
  • How to celebrate?

    You can choose between three kinds of celebration, no matter if the wedding takes place at home or somewhere else. You can have a buffet, a reception or a menu.

    The reception

    You can have the reception at home in your garden or in the garden of some friends or at the registrar’s office or the church you chose.

    Concerning catering you can choose a party service which organizes the whole reception or a catering service serving the meal or you can organize it all by your self with some help of your friends.

  • To be sure that everything is well planned, please keep in mind to have enough sitting and standing possibilities. You might have to organize tables for the standing but that can be rented. The drinks should be cooled and you might have to organize little snacks and enough glasses, cutlery and serviettes. 
  • The presents should get a table to drape them nicely and place them decoratively.

    The buffet

    Depending on the number of guests you can base your buffet on a wide range or you can choose a theme and then think of snacks meeting the theme. For example you can have Spanish and Italian snacks, added and decorated.

    The advantages with a buffet are of course the variation of snacks and the multiple choosing possibilities. Additionally, it is guaranteed that all guests will find something suitable.

    Often, at the buffet, there is a very talkative situation provided which helps the guests to find topics to communicate. The small guests are happy to be able to walk around and they do not have to sit quietly on their place.

    The choice of snacks has to be a good combination of cold and warm snacks, starters, various soups or deserts, cheese, fish and fruits.

  • The menu

    The menu is something that should be decided previously to the wedding and it is the traditional way of meal on a wedding.

    At home you might be able to cook for your guests if they are few, otherwise you should leave it to a professional. This can be done by a private cook, which may be great but expensive. But often it does not meet the expectations. This then leads to unsatisfied feelings and stress afterwards.

    You could provide a bar with espresso, a snack at midnight or a wedding cake in combination with the menu.

    The wedding cake and the choice of menu

    The personal choice of menu should take place in the favourite restaurant for the wedding, like a previous tasting of the wanted menu. It can take a very long time, please keep that in mind.

    You should also think of the various pricing possibilities of the menus and you should really take many different propositions in consideration; for the drinks, too.



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