Invitation Cards



Invitation cards, wedding cards

There are several possibilities of combining creative, unique ideas and personal style in invitation cards to create pleasant anticipation for the coming celebration, no matter if it is a garden party or a party in a hotel.

  • Most important are some aspects that are crucial for the design, like details concerning
  • - The reason of the celebration

    - The time, day, place of the wedding

    - Eventually there can be added an answering card

  • Optionally, we propose to add a map with journey details, if there are many guests coming from outwards.
  • Provide a number of emergency with the telephone number of a person being responsible for the organisation (if possible not the bride or the groom).

    Perhaps you could make a time table with dates of champagne reception, church festivities and so on.

    Write a list with wishes as for the presents.

    Provide either addresses of places possible for accommodation and hotels or a telephone number for questions and queries.




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