It would be best if you consider together where to go on your honeymoon. Adjust the trip to you budget but make it the best trip you have ever had in your life so far!

You could leave directly after the wedding celebration, but time has taught that a wedding is very stressing. Thus you should try to give it some days or weeks before starting into the honeymoon.

Very fancy distinctions for honeymoon are city trips to Paris or Venice. Paris is a wonderful place for pictures of the newly married couple, for example in the Marmottan Museum with a wonderful ambience or in front of the water lilies of Monet. You can stroll along the Jardin du Luxemburg or visit the Eiffel Tower. Just have a wonderful time in the city of love!

Venice is romantic under every circumstance.

Las Vegas would be worth a trip, but you have to look after your money.

Another great idea could be Australia or the Niagara Falls!

We suggest in earnest that even the South Eastern part of Mallorca is worth its while, because there is a nature reserve around Santany! It is gorgeous and financially affordable.




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