Groom Preparation



The groom’s preparation

The clothing of the groom is directed by the clothing of the bride. It just would not fit if there was any difference concerning elegance or tradition.

No matter if the groom wears a suit or a dress coat this has to be chosen according to the bride. Traditionally he chooses something made of one cut as this is the wedding suit for official occasions.

The double-rowed vest coloured grey or beige is needed as well as the long frock with trench and the striped trousers. Often the groom wears a silver tie with top hat and gloves coloured like the vest.

Unlike the cut, the striped trousers have no swallowtails and are worn in the morning. This results already in its traditional name being “morning coat”.

In the evening a smoking can be worn. The corresponding sack coat is single- or double-rowed and only available in black or white. Often a white shirt is worn, along with it French cuffs. Another part of clothing worn often is a broad sash.

Classically, the man still wears the „dark suit“, combined with tie or bow tie and most important a vest. In this combination, colours are allowed.

Concerning the accessory for the man, the tie or bow tie can accentuate the appearance. A pocket kerchief would do the trick as well.




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