Flower Power



Flower power for your wedding

Talk to a florist about the flowers as he will know best what suits the occasion. A lot of flowers are needed as there are to be counted

● Flowers for the bride’s bouquet (this should be organized by the groom!)

● Flowers for the children (every child gets its own basket)

● A small bundle for the groom

● Flower decorations in the church

● Flowers for the guests

● A flower crown for the bride

● Flower decorations for the locality of the wedding

● Flowers for the car or carriage

There are a lot of meanings to different kinds of flowers: Sylvester Stallone started next to his actor’s career a painting career and he paints abstractly. This following sentence was stated by him:

„Others are painting roses and flowers; I am painting what is thought by the flower.“

Here are some meanings for the best known flower kinds:

Valerian I will protect you

Marsh marigold We are expecting to have good luck

Edelweiss You are unbelievable beautiful

Ivy  We expect loyalty towards each other

Daisy  Love in a modest form

Iris  Good news for us

Jasmine Charming

Red Carnation Hot love

Orchid  Wonderful beauty

Lavender Secret agreement

Rose  A rose is what a rose is – pure love!

Vetch  Pure delight




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