The original sense of an engagement was to enable two lovers an official loving life. In the present time, this is not needed anymore. Still, the engagement is held up and lives through a renaissance in our social life of today. Alas, it is more like a romantic life style than the original meaning. 

Social values of love and loyalty or family are important again. This commitment to the partner can not be valued high enough. That is why an engagement is often a very official event on which the couples announce their decision to marry. There are different variations possible, in which an engagement can be made. We list the following, but we do not state that they are complete:

Hand-written letters to friends and relatives

Nice and decoratively created cards

A great phrased advertisement in the Saturday’s newspaper

Concerning the celebration itself:

There is the repeated question of who should be invited to an engagement party. Normally, the best friends and close relatives are invited.

The vow of a marriage is binding in the judicial context, still it can not be forced or claimed.

The engagement is a contract in the way of the civil code. Thus the paragraphs concerning compensation or other judicial consequences according to the penal laws are applied (for example the statement refusal right of the engaged).




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