Churcual Marriage



The churchly marriage

At church we say „I do“ to each other. It is a very sensitive moment and the couple is always quite nervous – but the guests are, too.

A real program for the churchly marriage is not constituted. You can have a longer or shorter ceremony, depending on your confession and depth of believe.

Approximately six month previous to the wedding you can arrange an appointment and eight weeks previous to the appointment there is the so called „marriage dialogue“. There you are asked about your reasons for the marriage, your desires concerning the event and the churchly ceremony (music, lection, gospel, songs). Please do not hesitate to say something or feel awkward – the ceremony should be just as you wish.

It is important to have in mind that there are different confessions in the Catholic Church as this leads to the circumstance that there has to be a marriage workshop.

There are theologians who celebrate marriages for people who are not interested in church but want a nice ceremony.




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